Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brain Teaser

Gotta keep that brain sharp! Leave answers in the comments.

The International Enchantments Festival was held this year in Liverpool, England, and just about filled the town's finer hotels to capacity. Among the leading exhibitions were five new enchanted objects, each designed by a different person (including Prof. Kimil), each of which reputedly had a different capability. Unfortunately, each had a different type of breakdown during the demonstration of its skills. Can you discover, in order of exhibition, the names of the inventor and his or her charmed object, what each object could do, and a description of its breakdown?

1. The vase (which didn't explode) appeared sometime before the object that plays piano.
2. The object charmed to change a baby's diaper kept tipping over until the child's distraught parents called a stop to the show; this object isn't Prof. Lobiesk's creation.
3. Mr. Phantom's object (which is either the quill or the tripod) didn't appear third.
4. The object programmed to assemble Danish furniture (which didn't explode or run around in circles) appeared either first or fourth.
5. Prof. Black's object appeared sometime before the object that wouldn't move.
6. The frying pan and the object that plays piano are, in some order, the object that started to pour out smoke and the object that appeared second.
7. The tripod doesn't draw humorous caricatures.
8. The quill didn't appear just before the frying pan.
9. The object that wouldn't move wasn't programmed to assemble Danish furniture.
10. The frying pan appeared sometime before Prof. Mott's object.
11. The tripod appeared sometime after the object that prepares French cuisine.
12. Prof. Kimil's object appeared just before the boot.


  1. 1st - Lobiesk - Vase - Run in Circles - French cuisine
    2nd - Phantom - Quill - Explode - Piano
    3rd - Black - Tripod - Tip over - Diaper changer
    4th - Kimil - Frying pan - Smoke - Danish furniture
    5th - Mott - Boot - Not move - Caricatures

    After you draw your grid and delete the obvious - you have to work out whether Danish furniture is 1st or 4th.
    Assume that it is first. From clue 5 we know that the first item was not the "non mover". From clue 4 we know it doesn't run around in circles or explode. From clue 2 it can't "tip over" as the diaper changer does that. Therefore it must be the smoker.
    Now look at clue 6 This now means that the piano player must be second and the frying pan first.
    now look at clue 1. The vase appears before the piano (which is 2nd) and must be first - but the Frying pan is first. Therefore as this does not work through the ORIGINAL assumption of Danish furniture being first must be FALSE and it is therefore 4th.

    Once you have put this in the grid the rest follows through.

    That's it man, nice one.

  2. Damn doc! It's to early for this kind of stuff. Maybe I'll try to figure this out later when I wake up.

  3. im not getting a clue of this. please post the solution :(

  4. Oooooooooooo
    I love puzzles like these =)

  5. That was fun. I had to think a while to put things in the right order, and kept fact-checking myself. Good one!

  6. Sweet, I love brain teasers.


  7. Oh snap i got confused easily i will be following since i enjoy this stuff...

  8. this is one of THE most interesting blogs i follow! great work

  9. I totally agree with Meisefelix
    Keep this stuff coming ! love it